Brand Buzz Book

How do you build excitement about your brand? 

Brand Buzz is a small, easy to read guide to building a brand that reaches out to connect with customers, keep them interested and increase sales.  Our book is the result of 30 years of creating new brands and reenergizing more mature brands, from Build-A-Bear Workshop to Baskin Robbins, we pull back the curtain and show how Story Telling, Club Making and Country Building are the three unique and powerful strategies that you can put into place to build the buzz that helps businesses become world class brands.

 Our book is available directly from Simple Truths here.    Or from Amazon here.



Brand Buzz Workbook

Buckle up and brace yourself for a creative journey that will change the way you think about your brand and all the brands that surround you. Our Brand Buzz Workbook is filled with engaging exercises based on our innovative approach to building world class brands – Story Telling, Club Making, and Country Building. The thought provoking activities found in our workbook will inspire change at both the individual and organizational levels and will help you and your team uncover and discover new ways to build Brand Buzz.

 Our workbook is available directly from Simple Truths here.    Or from Amazon here.